GrocerEaze The easiest way to plan meals and grocery shop.

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Join thousands of people using GrocerEaze to simplify food in their life. GrocerEaze takes the time out of finding recipes, planning meals, and shopping for groceries. We make it effortless to eat healthy!

Grocery Shopping.

Quickly know exactly what you need to buy when you are at the store. Do you shop at multiple stores? No problem. You can create multiple shopping lists with GrocerEaze.

Groceries can be expensive, but we help you save money. Afraid healthy food costs too much? GrocerEaze will keep you on budget. We track the price of every item in your cart and show a running total so you will always know how much you are spending.

Sometimes you just don't feel like shopping. With GrocerEaze you can email your shopping list to someone else and let them do the shopping for you.

What's in your Pantry?

Have you been at a store but can't remember what items you have at home? You'll never be stuck wondering with the GrocerEaze Pantry. We track all of the items you have on-hand, and make it easy! When you're done shopping, all ingredients in your shopping list will automatically be put in your pantry. Cook a meal using the GrocerEaze meal plan and the ingredients will automatically be removed from your pantry!

What Recipes can you make?

Stop spending time searching for recipes. GrocerEaze will tell you exactly what recipes you can make based on what is in your pantry. Don't have all of the ingredients on-hand? A simple button click will add the missing ingredients to you shopping list. Build shopping lists in seconds. You'll be amazed how easy it is.

Meal Planning

Planning what you're making for the week is crucial to healthy eating. With a good meal plan you'll be less likely to go for fast-food. GrocerEaze will keep you on track. You'll always know what recipes are planned for the day. Watch for lots of great enhancements as we build out this feature!